Why invest in MYSELF?

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  • I am too scared to put myself in a position of personal scrutiny
  • What difference will it make?
  • It's a lot to spend on myself and I don't know if it will work
  • There's lots of books I can read on self improvement







  • Investing in myself accelerate my learning curve?
  • I get career clarity and better results?
  • Committing to Coaching give me a focused mindset to get ROI?
  • I overcome the limiting beliefs which are holding me back.
  • It remove my procrastination and improve my productivity?
  • I will have a vision and action plan to which will give me clarity and career satisfaction?
  • For personal success and happiness.

There are many more positive reasons to take one leap into personal coaching!

The decision to invest in yourself can be a hard one to make, however re-frame that thought to:

"Investing in myself doesn't take away from something else, it will however mean that I am well equipped for the opportunities and challenges that find me!


I invite you to book a free Discovery Call with me, as before working together we will spend time discussing the type of career change you are aspirational for, and I then recommend the coaching plan that is most relevant considering your individual challenges and goals.

As well as being a qualified Coach in Personal Development and Career Coaching, I am proud to be affiliated with other highly skilled Coaches; experts in their field who offer support in different skills, each working with the same values and commitment to your desired outcome as myself.

So, whether it’s a career change, personal coaching to improve confidence, high performance or you are aspirational for promotion so want to work on personal branding and leadership, we can tailor your coaching journey and individual sessions to cover the most relevant key areas to your goals.

To find out more, book your free Discovery Call below:

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Because everyone learns and goes through a change cycle at a different pace the results of career coaching will vary. Some of the factors depend on how much time you have available to work through a programme, reflecting or spending time researching ideas. You may be someone who can be ready for a career change after 6 sessions over a few months or choose to work at a pace where it takes 9 – 12 months. Perhaps working on your CV and interviewing skills is your goal; which can be achieved in 3 or 4 sessions; all of these can be discussed in our call.

Working with a Coach is a personal investment, both in time and financially; the best outcomes are achieved with those who are committed to investment in themselves, taking clear accountability and open-minded to the process. Working with

those who are ready for change and who will push forward beyond their comfort zone, with good self- awareness and ambition is a joy and I love the results we achieve. Your ambition may not be to seek a major promotion at work, but you may desire to be happier at work; we can help with both and more!

Your investment will vary dependant on the time required for 1-1 Coaching and the type of programme which is most suited to your personal needs. As a guide individual coaching programmes range from £1000, whilst support on CV development and Interview skills starts from £400.

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