Does Your Team Have a Culture of Trust?

Working with a client recently on the perceived level of Trust in their team it was reinforced to me (and them!) how trust really is the oxygen which supports a team to work together effortlessly and successfully; and one of the most important factors for effective team-working.

If a team needs oxygen masks then employee engagement and contribution will be at reduced- additionally building trust with remote teams is an additional challenge.

Reflect if:

You and your team work in a culture where trust has been created over time, creating a working style which allows differences to be constructively and respectfully resolved and everyone feels OK whatever the decision made?


Does your organisation have a culture of distrust which stops team members contributing with ideas , participating widely and openly sharing feedback.


…. that a team does not trust their leaders or each other, is the first step in making a change. Indicators can be:

 A team afraid to take risks

 Poor Communication

 Cliques or Silos

 Micromanagement

 Lack of development opportunities

 Apathy for participation in company event

If any of the above resonate as a a Leader you can make an immediate impact by:

Fostering communication: – do the team know how to get involved and communicate their ideas and thoughts

Transparency: Be open, informative and transparent on changes, news and topics such as progress updates for projects

One-One: Meetings with your team members regularly for a two-way discussion about their progress or workload builds relationships for both parties

Collaboration: Foster a culture of collaboration amongst team members with group problem solving, projects or ideas development.

Appreciative: Ensure your team know how much they are appreciated and why they are important to the team; no platitudes!

Be a Leader: Whether innovating or problem solving identify your leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses that come with it: often being vulnerable makes you a stronger leader.

Would you like to talk about re-building trust for your team and as a result create highly effective results?

Book a call or drop me a line if this resonates and you are ready to make the change!

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