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Denise has experienced working in both large and SME businesses; establishing and leading teams in niche and larger organisations, both as an SME Owner and in large organisations as a senior executive.  She brings learnings (of which there are plenty!) from this knowledge to your business; supporting you to create a strategy for positive business impact through mindful leadership and development coaching.

Denise is a qualified ILM7 Coach, certified in DISC and has 20 years experience of executive coaching for C-suite and senior leaders in SME and Retail businesses; her passion is to support service led organisations such as retail, B2B and Recruiters where she has extensive experience. 
She is a member of the Association of Business Mentors and supports mentees on the development of their team, business growth and improvements to deliver optimum trading results.
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DISC: a universal language for understanding how people behave. It simply explains why and how individuals do what they do

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Executive Coaching for Leaders

Optimise performance and increase retention and succession planning

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Unlock your business potential

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Coaching or Mentoring?

Are you clear on what you're looking for? This one fundamental question often gets overlooked, and yet, it can significantly impact your experience. Let's dive into the vital distinction between Coaching and Mentoring.

Coaching involves your thoughts, your situation, and a coach guiding you through powerful questions to find your own solutions. Coaches refrain from giving advice.

Mentoring, on the other hand, entails the mentor sharing their thoughts and experiences, telling and advising based on their knowledge and wisdom.

The catch? Sometimes, what's sold as coaching turns out to be mentoring, creating confusion for both parties. This is why hiring a qualified coach or mentor is crucial—knowing what you're receiving ensures a more meaningful and effective experience.

However, both coaching and mentoring play powerful roles when applied at the right time (and you can also experience a blend of both with Denise!)

Unparalleled knowledge

"I would recommend Denise unreservedly as a professional with an unparalleled knowledge of the industry who treats all her clients and contacts with respect and empathy" - Sue Shepherd

Commitment to clients

"I have had the pleasure of working with Denise for the last 20 years both in her capacity as a recruiter and as a coach and mentor. Denise’s super power is her ability to connect with people to truly listen understand and provide the necessary support, guidance and framework to set you up for success. Her broad industry expertise her empathy, her attention to detail, her boundless energy and commitment to her clients is what sets her apart" -Myriam Ben Yedder


"Denise is my constant compass to help guide my business in directions I would have never thought of, and she has definitely been instrumental from helping it grow to reach its full potential. I couldn't be without her." -Dawn Butler