At a Career crossroad or lacking clarity on your career direction?

It's time to open your mind to letting go of limiting beliefs and learn new strategies about career planning and taking action!

Serious about your Career Development?

  • Has the promotion you hoped/expected this year not happened- did you miss the opportunity because you weren’t marketing yourself internally?
  • Are you ambitious but questioning if your role is the right sector, the right company, the right job, the right location?
  • Is there a culture or leader who is making the environment challenging and you need to move on, but want to be strategic about it?
  • Not that 'unhappy' but feeling that you have more to give and want to move at a swifter pace or have less stress or a more rewarding role

Then it's time for a change and its time for Career Momentum

Take action today because in reality just because you haven’t 'yet' made the progress you aspire to, doesn’t mean you can’t.

And truthfully trying to do this on your own, hoping for the best, compromising, waiting another year for that 'elusive promotion' or new role hasn’t yet bought you great results.

You want action, and you want transformation, and that’s why you’re here…

  • 90 days of an accelerated career plan with me by your side taking you to destination “YOU"
  • Don't accept the status quo - hunt that new role down, you know you are ready and good enough!
  • Now is your time to work out exactly what you need
  • Time to discover what you really want, push your comfort zone and unleash thinking about your career potential like never before!
  • Open your mind to exploring new strategies and techniques giving you an action plan for change so that 2023 is not the damp squib that 2022 was for your career!
  • Land a fulfilling and enjoyable career plan in the next 90 days!

Heard enough
Ready to find out more?


  • Three 60-minute one-one coaching sessions with Denise to design decisive actions towards
  • your career goals
    A 45-minute one-one follow-up call at 120 days to ensure your career is on track.
  • A copy of my "Would You Put a Stamp on It" journal to support you staying focused and motivated.

Call 1:

we'll take a close look at your current situation and identify what's missing or needs revision. Then, we'll create a structured action plan to help you achieve your goals.
On fire you burst into action - usually all about your branding, values, social credibility and your unique value proposition.

Call 2:

we'll focus on interview preparation and decision making, using the principles from the "Would You Put a Stamp on It" journal to help you stand out as the best candidate.

Call 3:

we'll review your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy and techniques to ensure you're getting the results you know you deserve!

Call 4:

whether it's at 120 days or earlier, will be used to help you navigate your new role and build relationships. With my support and guidance, you'll be able to take control of your career and achieve your goals in just 90 days.


If you are ready to blast whatever is standing in your way or clouding your mind and and
emerge ready and raring to get to your next success level with no sliding back- Career Momentum is what you have been waiting for.

I am direct, I challenge, push you and celebrate with you in equal measures. Tough love is a speciality.

If you are ready to take action on what is standing between you and the road to your next level of success, you'll already know Career Momentum is right for you + that our joint magic is waiting for you to claim!

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"I would recommend Denise unreservedly as a professional with an unparalleled knowledge of the industry who treats all her clients and contacts with respect and empathy" - Sue Shepherd

"Denise is my constant compass to help guide my business in directions I would have never thought of, and she has definitely been instrumental from helping it grow to reach its full potential. I couldn't be without her." Dawn Butler