Are these familiar e-mails in your in-box?........

……we regret to inform you that we have decided not to proceed ……

we are unable to offer you an interview or move forward with your application………

after careful consideration, we have decided to pursue other candidates whose skills and experience closely etc etc …..

Maximize Your First Impression

The key question is; Why do you think you are not landing interviews for great roles?

It could be one of a few simple reasons:

  • Your CV does not do a great job of showcasing your personality, talent, and abilities


  • You applied for a role that isn’t a great fit


  • The hirer has been flooded with perfect fit candidates (unlikely but not impossible!)


  • CV has the right information but is not readable in 12 seconds

12 seconds – why 12 seconds?


Research shows that on average a recruiter will scan a CV for 6-12 seconds on first look


So, the CV has to be stand-out to get noticed!

In this informative session we'll show you:

How to transform your CV and job applications to make them stand out from the competition

You will learn the strategies and techniques to craft a standout application that captures attention and takes you to your target career destination

Learn insider tips on how to impress recruiters and hiring managers and gain practical skills to help you navigate the job market with confidence

So, if you're ready to take the next step in your career and make a transformation change, register for this webinar on Your Career Compass now

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With 30 years’ experience supporting c 1000 candidates and clients in career change and development, Denise provides practical and inspiring coaching and mentoring to give clarity on career direction and personal growth which adds value to individuals and organisations alike.


Denise is passionate about the retention of talent and supporting individuals to reach their career ambition and to optimise their potential for growth feeling supported but also challenged. With a wealth of experience to draw upon having worked on both sides of the entrepreneur and corporate world with clients including, The Disney Store, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Selfridges, Realm, Network Rail, Next, & Habitat, Denise will bring to you all of her knowledge to create the application that will land you, your dream role.