The word "mentor" has its origins in ancient Greek mythology. "The Odyssey," Mentor is a character who is a friend and advisor to Odysseus. When Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, goes off to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusts the care and guidance of his son Telemachus to Mentor.

Over time, the term "quote" evolved to describe a more experienced and knowledgeable individual who guides and supports the development of a less experienced or newer person in a specific context, such as in the workplace or in personal development.

Why Consider A Business Mentor?

In essence, everyone can benefit from having a mentor, especially a business owner.
Managing a business entails juggling numerous roles daily. Additionally, as the leader of the business, having a confidante within the organization that you can trust with knowing about your emotions, uncertainties, challenges, or even concerns and ideas for the direction you should take next.

This is where a mentor proves invaluable. Having someone by your side who gets your perspective understands your emotions, and serves as a crucial sounding board, is hugely beneficial.

A mentor not only provides a supportive ear but also challenges your thinking, offering valuable insights to help you navigate your business journey effectively.


How will I work with a Mentor?
Imagine mentors as straight-shooting, reliable yet audaciously unique companions—devoted allies who aren't afraid to push boundaries. We're not just here to cheer you on; we're here to question, challenge, coach, train, and guide you towards realising your aspirations.

To put it plainly: Empower entrepreneurs to reach their objectives by dismantling obstacles to performance and unlocking the untapped potential and opportunities.

How Often Do We Meet?

And where do we meet?

With some clients we meet on a very regular basis: either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. These meetings are either in person or online and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.

Beyond these regular sessions, we are accessible by phone and whats-app; its a very flexible support network.

Denise can also support at board meeting preparation and can meet either in London or Buckinghamshire.

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