Are you Optimising your Summer Job hunting?

During Summer the UK generally relaxes and simultaneously I see career changers often move into a lower gear – when in fact it’s a great time to accelerate your job search and get ahead of the curve by the opportunity to get ahead of the curve ready for September!


Connect with your network and make the most of the Summer! If you’ve been out of touch simply email with a warm “How were your holidays”? can be a great icebreaker to reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Staying fresh in people’s minds is essential, as they are more likely to think of you when an opportunity aligns with your skills and career goals. While it’s fine to mention that you’re open to new opportunities, the key is to ‘genuinely’ stay in touch with your network, avoiding appearing only when you need something!

Consistently reaching out and networking is a key part of developing your career.

Be aware that surprisingly it can be a connection of someone you know; second or third removed that lead to opportunities. So, don’t shy away from exploring ‘connections of your connections’. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for this, allowing you to explore shared connections at a company which you’re interested in.


When networking, I recommend asking for informational interviews where you seek advice and information about your target role or sector; be curious about your contact’s career progression and absorb any tips they offer. Also, tapping into your alumni network can be surprisingly beneficial, as LinkedIn reports that alumni are three times more likely to help with job searches.

Personal skills & strengths

Before diving into your job search, take quality time to assess your skills and strengths. You’ve likely acquired new skills and experiences that make you an even stronger candidate since the last time you reviewed your CV. Be sure to showcase these high-priority skills on your CV and LinkedIn profile and focus on keeping them being relevant to each individual job application.


LinkedIn is equivalent to a personal website and is an essential part of your job search strategy; take advantage of all the features it offers, such as engaging with company content, commenting on collaborative articles, connecting with your network, and researching industries and positions you’re interested in. Consider updating your profile to to ‘actively looking for work’ as this will also increase your visibility to recruiters.

CV Updates

Update your CV and highlight recent accomplishments to demonstrate your continuous growth and contribution to companies. Keep your CV optimised for applicant tracking systems by using specific language and keywords relevant to your industry and target role; you can add a touch of creativity by incorporating

graphics, text boxes, or adding a flash of colour, but overall maintain a format which looks sharp, can be scanned easily, and is well laid out.

In summary make the most of Summer: know your target role and type of company and design a project plan with key targets and actions – and if you are stuck or have questions about how to work with me book a call:

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