22 Tips For Finding A Job On LinkedIn

Guest Blog by Jen Corcoran

1. Most recruiters on LinkedIn will have a license and access to LinkedIn Recruiter. You need to ensure that your profile is up to date, highlighting current skills and objectives. Key areas to focus on are Skills, Job Title, Location, Keywords, Industry and Education / Certification.

2. Regularly review your Privacy & Settings.  Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is visible to the public versus your immediate 1st degree network only.

3. Turn off ‘private mode’ when job searching and stop being anonymous.  Time to shine!

4. According to LinkedIn, your profile is 14 times more likely to viewed if you have a photo.  You need a professional headshot which makes you approachable and authentic.

5. Create a branded cover photo with images relevant to you. Your cover photo is like a warm introduction to who you are, what you do and how you can help. It shows those viewing your profile that you are invested in your personal brand and career.

6. The purpose of your headline is to get people to click in the ‘show more’ section and you have 220 characters to sell yourself. There are many proof points that you can add in such as your location, your industry, what you specialise in, how many years’ experience you have, award wins and anything else that’s targeted and relevant.

7. Fill out your contact information so that recruiters can get in touch with you!

8. According to LinkedIn, profiles with an All-Star rating are 27 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches. All-Star means that you have a headshot and have filled in information for your experience (current role and two prior), skills (5+), about, industry & location, education and connections (50+).

9. Check out the #OpentoWork feature for your headshot. This feature allows you to be identified in a shortlist for recruiters and you’ll appear at the front of their search. You have two options to choose from when it comes to visibility – you can be visible to your entire network or recruiters only.

10. In the ‘About’ section you need to describe yourself, your background and focus on your ‘why’. People buy people and you have 2600 characters here to sell your journey to date (experience, expertise and achievements). Include a call to action (email / mobile).

11.  Record a Cover Video Story (30 seconds) and your name pronunciation audio (10 seconds) with the LinkedIn app.  The person viewing your profile then gets a sense of who you are and if you are the right team / company fit.

12. You can use the ‘featured section’ to introduce yourself and demonstrate your background and who you are. Three ways to stand out for the right reasons are:
• Create a 30-60 second video introduction via camera (good lighting, no background noise or clutter).
• Create an impressive PowerPoint / Canva presentation summary of your background, skills, achievements etc.
• Attach a CV / resume as a PDF or word document. There is an opportunity to make the first page stand out with great visual branding.

13. Connect with recruiters from both agencies and corporate.

14. Build a target list of companies and do your due diligence. Find recruiters in those companies and connect with them. Look for opportunities to like and comment on their posts before reaching out to connect. This way they will recognise you (know, like and trust factor).

15. Follow your top 10 companies. This will help you to stay in the know about company news and new positions as they become available.  Unfollow content that is not interesting so that you stay laser focused on your job search.

16. Follow line managers and engage with their posts, then reach out and send them a personalised connection request similar to the recruiters.

17. Explore LinkedIn Groups and ask for help. Did you know that you can message fellow group members for free even if you’re not connected?

18. Learn how to use ‘search’. Search for people, content, companies, events, hashtags and groups. When it comes to people, apply filters such as location, industry and go to ‘Title Field’ to get more specific and click Apply.

19. Use the job board in the top menu bar and create alerts. Please don’t just apply for a job and sit passively waiting to be contacted. Give yourself the competitive edge and look for the recruiters on LinkedIn and engage on their content so that you stand out.

20.  Stand out in recruiter searches. Candidates who earn a skill badge are 20% more likely to get hired.

21. Ask for introductions and tap into your 1st and 2nd degree network. You are usually only one person away from your next opportunity. Be brave and lean in!

22. Download a file of your existing connections.

How to Export / Download LinkedIn Contacts

• Click the ‘Me’ dropdown menu in the upper right-hand side of your LinkedIn navigation bar

• Click ‘Settings & Privacy. …

• Click the ‘Privacy’ tab

• Scroll down to ‘Download your data’ which is under the ‘How LinkedIn uses your data’ section

• Click ‘Download your data

It’s worth noting that of the 810+ million members on LinkedIn only 1-2% of members are actively posting and only 9% are engaging. 90% of all LinkedIn members are passive.

LinkedIn is all about the 2 Ps – Profile and Participate…. Take action and be rewarded.


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My mission is to help female coaches, consultants, and trainers to “toot their horns” on LinkedIn. 

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