Denise specialises in mentoring senior leaders by supporting, developing, and challenging CEOs, Founders and C- suite executives to move their business or careers forward to the next level. She brings decades of business development and knowledge: good and challenging alike!

If you are seeking 1-1 Executive Coaching or a Leadership development programme to support for your team, Denise will craft a package that brings you personal and business results.

Book a call with Denise to chat about what really matters to you – whether it's Mentoring, Executive Coaching, or creating a game plan for your career. 

What Our Clients Say

Best advice

"Denise's knowledge of recruitment & passion to help people makes her the very best person to go for advice. She has helped me change jobs twice, including a whole industry change and is always happy to help me handle difficult situations."

Jo Knowler

A Positive Change

I was probably a very typical example of someone that had been in senior leadership roles for many years. I thought I had done it all and there was nothing left for me to learn.
Denise helped me to identify what really motivated me at work, and how I was using my skills and experience in leadership. By implementing the suggestions and strategies learned through our conversations, I have been able to make real and positive change in my role.  I really can't recommend Denise highly enough. You really ‘can' teach old dogs new tricks, and Denise is the expert at it.”

Head of IT


"As a company director, and business owner, Denise is my constant compass to help guide my business in directions I would have never thought of, and she has definitely been instrumental from helping it grow to reach its full potential. I couldn't be without her.”

Dawn Butler

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